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The Mend Stretch/Massage Egg class is like no other class in NYC.


Because the egg shape fits better under the foot, in between the toes, and in the hand.
Allowing for a more comfortable roll.

The Class

The Mend Stretch class is a breakthrough approach for all levels of fitness.
Mend Stretch is a combination of the Melt method's myofascial release treatment with the guidelines of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and over three decades of dance practices and disciplines. This class will teach you what muscles you are working, how to get the most out of each stretch, and how to get proper and efficient results that other stretch classes haven't given you. And unlike any other class, this stretch class ends with the last fifteen minutes of self-rehydration of the connective tissue of the hands and feet using the Mend Massage Eggs.

The Mend Eggs

Now you can design your very own hand and foot massage whether you're at home or the office.
You pick the density, texture, and size. Check out our merchandise page.

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