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Send us your email, first and last name, and what you would like to purchase and we will get back to you to confirm your order and form of payment. We accept Zelle or Pay Pal 

                         Please keep in mind
there is a $5.00 to $6.00 S & H Fee

1 large hollow egg
1 small hard rubber egg
2 large foam eggs
2 medium silicone eggs
1 pair silicone toe spacers
1 organza bag


$ 24.00

The Mend Egg tutorial at 

Now you can design your very own hand and foot massage, whether you're at home or at the office.


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The Small Rubber Rainbow Egg
The Rubber Rainbow egg is a very small hard rubber egg. Because of its small size and rigidity, it gets into places a lacrosse ball can't.
It's often said it is a good way to target one's plantar fasciitis, but You must check with your physician first to see if this treatment is right for you.

The large Hollow Rubber Egg
This Egg is slightly larger than the rubber, silicon, and foam egg but still provides the ability for it to nestle under the foot. It has been compared to rolling your foot on a foam roller. It is a softer roll.

The Swirl Egg is a little softer
then the rubber rainbow egg, because it is a silicone gel.Firm enough to roll the kinks out but just a little bit softer.

The Little Softie
The little softie is exactly what it is. It is the softest of all the Mend eggs. A soft foam egg that is mostly used for the palms of the hands and in between the fingers.
And if need be, Squeeze it to relieve stress

1 Pair of extra soft silicon gel toe spacers.
These soft toe spacers can be used during a Mend rehydration treatment. As well as in a comfortable pair of sneakers and even while you sleep.


Small 4X 6 Organza Drawstring Travel Bag.
This Bag will fit the three smallest eggs and toe spacers whenever you need to experience a vacation while ON vacation.


* Plus  24/7 access to our website, The Mend Egg tutorial, New and upcoming Mend Stretch and Egg workshops, and more.

  Home / Travel kit $24.00



One on one sessions
begin at $120 for 60 minutes

60-minute Zoom class $15.00

1 MEND T-shirt  $ 20.00

First session free to upper west side residence. 

The Mend T-shirt is the softest T-shirt you will ever wear.  Its blend of cotton to polyester is modern technology at its best.  This is not your mother’s old workout shirt.  AND, with every wash it just gets softer and softer. You might consider getting two. One for working out, and one for lounging.  You may NEVER want to take it off. We offer small, medium, large, and extra-large.

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